Whether you are looking for an assessment against ISO 27001, CMMC, NIST 800-171, SOC 2, or PCI DSS, searching for a training program, managed information security services, or in need of process and procedure development, we can help!


Linqs assists organizations to assess their compliance with ISO 27701, GDPR, and CCPA frameworks.Check our Data Privacy training courses and see how we can help you for PIMS process and procedure development!

EXPORT & ITAR compliance

Experienced ITAR, EAR, and FACR compliance consultants at Linqs will prepare your compliance program, assess/audit your operations, classify your products, and assist you obtaining export licenses to make sure you export effortlessly.


Ensuring customers and vendors don’t pose a risk in your business transactions is a key. Our vendor/customer vetting service includes detailed review of the entities, ownership information, and potential risks with prohibitions, requirements, and sanctions in mind. 

Integrated Risk and Compliance Management Solutions

Have Linqs as your partner, save on time and cost while getting the dedicated support from our experts with average of two decades of industry experience.


Academy Linqs is a Licensed Training Provider (LTP) for CMMC. Attend one of our Cybersecurity, CMMC, ISO Compliance, and Risk Management training and obtain a certificate from globally accredited PECB, or request a custom in-house training for your employees.


Policy, procedure, and plan development services for Information Security, ISO Compliance, Export Compliance, ITAR, DFARS, and Supply Chain Security.


Holding advanced degrees and multiple certifications, our consultants have  extensive auditing experience in Cybersecurity, Export, ITAR, and ISO compliance. Let us assess/audit your organization within your schedule.

managed services

Linqs offers a variety of managed software services. Customer/Vendor screening on your behalf, managing your secure e-mail and cloud storage, or anything in between and beyond. We are here to assist you with the most challenging needs.

Training Courses

Academy Linqs is a Licensed Training Provider (LTP) for CMMC, and an authorized provider of PECB courses.

We offer a comprehensive training program with courses covering the domains of InfoSec, Cybersecurity, QMS compliance, Export Control and ITAR Compliance, Data Privacy, GDPR, Business Continuity, and Risk Management.

By attending our training programs and taking the exam you can be certified by PECB, a global benchmark for certification, in no time.

Check out our upcoming courses below.

Planning your next move in compliance and risk management?

We believe “One size does not fit all” in compliance and risk management. As experienced GRC practitioners we bring the business focus to the table. Understanding your organization’s unique requirements and expectations is a pre-requisite for us before providing any service.

While mitigating the risks with a carefully drafted training program and process development, we help optimizing your compliance posture with integrated practices which address several regulatory and standard requirements at once.

Why Choosing Linqs?


Your voice is vital to our success. We will closely work with you to create a consistent and better experience throughout the project.


Well defined scope of deliverables to meet and exceed your expectations with a guaranteed quality of service!


Decades of experience in defense, healthcare, semiconductor, telecom, energy management, industry automation, smart buildings & cities, and software development.

serious approach

We know your expectations are above all. Thinking outside of the box, we will consider all aspects of the project and the relevant factors while not losing the visibility on the main focus.

Customer Case Studies


California based defense manufacturer ISTech has offices in the U.S., Asia, and Europe. ISTech lacked the comprehensive approach in complying with the U.S. EAR and ITAR. Thanks to ongoing support from Linqs, ISTech now can easily process the controlled technology globally. Access control processes are streamlined, and customer/vendor vetting process is fully automated with Linqs solutions. The company also maintains cloud based secure file sharing platform to enable collaborative product development.

FBX, Inc.

 Subsidiary of a Dutch Holding, North Carolina based industrial drive manufacturer FBX receives, processes, and handles EAR (600 series) and ITAR controlled technology in its facilities. Linqs assisted FBX to develop its compliance policy and procedures, and classified products while training employees. Company now has successfully segregated and isolated the design and production sites for specially designed defense articles, and maintains secure file sharing platform to enable collaborative product development with proper access controls.

TCraft Aerospace

With offices in the U.S. and France, Texas based TCraft’s product line includes jet engine components which are extensively used by the commercial aircraft manufacturers. Interested in undertaking defense article production, TCraft turned to Linqs for an assistance. Started with a development of a robust compliance program and employee training, our experts also classified hundreds of company products and technology. Linqs provides a continued support in document marking and access management to TCraft.

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